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The Beacon Clinic is a complementary health centre in the West Midlands, founded by Drs Martin and Sue Allbright. Both Martin and Sue have a background in the NHS and conventional medicine, having both worked in hospital medicine and General practice.

Martin recognised the benefits of complementary medicine in the 1970's and started to train in classical acupuncture in 1982. He later set up the Clinic of Classical Acupuncture in Malvern and was later joined in the practice by Sue. They expanded into the Beacon Clinic in 2002 with the intent of developing a centre of excellence for a range of complementary therapies. They aim at an integrated approach using some of the best aspects of complementary medicine to help you towards better health and improved well being.

Drs Allbright have brought together a team of some of the finest specialist therapists, (several of whom are teachers in their own profession) who are dedicated to offering the highest standard of individualised holistic health care for you, in a warm, caring and professional manner. Practitioners work collaboratively with each other, combining their different skills, when this is in the best interests and with the agreement of the client.

The team provide this care in comfortable surroundings, which consist of a suite of five consulting rooms. They also have a fully equipped postgraduate meeting room, which is used for ongoing professional development. All the facilities are on the ground floor and wheel chair accessible.

The team

Opening times and how to contact us

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm; some of the practitioners also work evenings and Saturday morning.

Appointments range in length from 30 minutes to two hours, so there is time for the practitioner to listen to your issues, explain what is involved, and for you to ask any questions.

Our telephone number is 01684-893393. We have a 24hrs answer phone that is monitored regularly during opening hours. Please leave a message and we will return your call soon.

Clients come to the Beacon Clinic in Great Malvern, from all over Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire as Malvern is situated centrally in relation to the three counties. The clinic is easily accessible by train or bus or road and public parking is available close by.

They have found that when people recognise the care, quality and expertise available here, people are willing to travel the short distance from towns such as Ledbury, Worcester, Upton upon Severn, Tewkesbury, Droitwich, Kidderminster, Bewdley, Stourport on Severn, or from further a field such as Bromsgrove, Cheltenham, Inkberrow, Alcester, Stratford upon Avon and Birmingham to access our services.


The Beacon Clinic as a centre for complementary medicine

Natural health therapies support the healing process of ailments and health problems and are suitable for all ages. The assessment and treatments of natural medicine do not attempt to replace your G.P. services. We see our work as complementary to that offered by conventional medicine, recognising that no single system of medicine has the answer to every health problem. We aim to work collaboratively when appropriate; hence we use the term 'complementary' therapies rather than 'alternative' therapies.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'

The World Health Organisation

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The range of therapies available at the Beacon Clinic, include: acupuncture, counselling, craniosacral therapy homeopathy, holistic massage, nutrition, pilates, psychotherapy, reiki, sports massage and zero balancing. A short summary of these therapies is listed below.

You may know which therapy you wish to use or, if not, we are able to advise you as to which complementary therapy may be most appropriate for your situation/condition. We are happy to listen to your situation and then advise.

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Therapies available to you

The different therapies summarised

Acupuncture. Research into acupuncture confirms it does ease pain. However, we believe that the knowledge of the traditional acupuncture approach to help with a person’s energy (or Chi) provides far more relief, not just physically but also for the mind and spirit, resulting in improved general well-being.

Counselling is when a counsellor sees a client in a confidential arrangement to explore a problem the client is experiencing. It is always at the request of the client as no one can properly be 'sent' for counselling.

Psychotherapy is an intentional relationship used by trained psychotherapists to aid a client in problems of living. Its aim is to support a clients own well being and to help improve the relationship they have to themselves and to others.

Homeopathy is where clients are given heavily diluted preparations (which cause effects similar to the symptoms presented) to facilitate a persons own healing system.

Massage - Holistic is a massage treatment that takes into account the main issue a person comes with and then a massage is given that takes into account of the whole person physically, mentally and emotionally. 'Holos' is the Greek word for whole

Massage - Remedial & Sports Where tendons and muscles are contracted and tight, extra tension and strain is put on your joints. Massaging these soft tissue structures can release the strains on these joints thus helping to ease your physical aches and pains. At the same time you feel more relaxed.

Nutrition. Nutrition encompasses the use of carefully compiled individual recommendations for diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements in order to alleviate or prevent ailments and promote optimal health.

Reiki is a treatment that uses a hands-on, no-touch, and visualization techniques, with the aim of improving the flow of life energy in a person.

Zero-Balancing. With the stresses, strains and speed of daily life, our bone structure can lose its natural shape and then it complains to us with aches and pains. Zero balancing allows your body to find its own way home. It is a hands-on therapy, leading to a renewed bodily-felt integration and with it relief.