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Andy Levy

Acupuncturist, Tuina Chinese Massage  

BSc Hons, MBAcC, Lic TuiNa, MRTCM


Consultation allow up to 90 minutes £70

subsequent treatment allow up to 60 minutes £50

If you are unable to keep an appointment please give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the full fee may be charged.

Telephone 07751 029 500


Email.  info@andrewlevy.co.uk

Andrew Levy is a second generation acupuncturist: his father practised 5-element acupuncture during the 1980-90’s.

He was brought up with acupuncture and Chinese medicine around him for most of his early years.

When it came to a change in career Andrew first gravitated towards Tuina (Chinese massage) due to someone telling him that he had ‘healing hands’.  However he soon realised that what he was learning was very similar to acupuncture theory and with his background decided to do acupuncture as well.

After achieving a Higher National diploma in Chinese medicine from the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and finishing the Tuina course in 2011, he decided to study at degree level and achieved an Acupuncture degree from the University of East London, attaining a First in 2013.   To consolidate his achievements he then went and studied for a diploma at Nanjing University, China.

After qualifying in Tuina Andrew helped set up and run Phoenix Tuina Multibed Clinic in Old Street, London.  He now integrates both Tuina and Acupuncture into his practise. As a student he assisted at Kai Clinic in Tufnell Park, London for 5 years until its close and volunteered at Shoreditch Spa, London for over a year.  In the yearly years he ran his own practise in Harley Street, London and a community multibed in Hornsey, London.  He attained his first residency at Amber Health in Baldock, Hertfordhsire (2014-2018) and then worked at Clerkenwellbeing in Clerkenwell, London (2015-2019), Fix in East Village Stratford (2017-2020) and Peachy Acupuncture in Crouch End, London (2019-2020).

Clerkenwellbeing and Fix were both multidisciplinary clinics which attracted a wide spectrum of clientele.  Therefore Andrew's experience ranges from treating those with general health enquiries (including pregnancy and infertility) to the musculoskeletal issues in runners, cyclists and even olympic athletes.

At present Andrew's continual development includes Master Tung Acupuncture (assistant to Philip Weeks) and a mentoringship in Classical Chinese Medicine with Dr Hung Tran.  Andrew has also belonged to a supervision group for over 5 years.

BAcC Registered Acupuncture Practitioner

UKTCM Registered Tuina Practitioner

BSc (Hons) Acupuncture

Postgraduate Licentiate Diploma in Tuina

Reviews (taken from Google reviews) on Andy during his time at ‘Fix’  copied 25.01.2021

10 months ago

Great experience, came to see Andy for acupuncture and I wish I had come years ago! I feel so much more grounded, I get regular good quality sleep which has a positive impact on all  areas of my life, I highly recommend.

10 months ago

I regularly see Andy at Fix as he is the best acupuncturist in East London! Very knowledgeable and able to keep my body swimming, cycling and running! I would strongly recommend.

a year ago

… practitioner providing holistic treatments, and dare I say, is always ‘on-point’. I have been seeing Andy for acupuncture and TCM treatments since May 2019 where he has played multiple roles, one of the healer, and two …More

a year ago

… go and see if they had a drop in sessions.

I went in and booked with one of the specialists Andy Levy, who does Acupuncture, Massage etc.

a year ago

I'd highly recommend Andy Levy at Fix.  He's the most effective acupuncture practitioner I've worked with, using different techniques to really understand how my serious back pain related to my knee surgery many years ago.  He helped

a year ago

I've been seeing Andy Levy for regular acupuncture for the last four months and it is now a vital part of keeping myself healthy. I originally came to help support myself through a stressful time but it has become a way of …More

a year ago


I went to Fix East Village totally desperate for help with severe daily migraines and seizures that started following a car accident. Medication alone wasn’t stopping them so I began …More

a year ago

… , I’ve seen various team members at Fix - all excellent. Most recently Andy Levy has helped me with some amazing acupuncture treatment for my hamstring, glute and back injuries. Joe Dale has also really helped with my back and …More

a year ago

Acupuncture From Andy is excellent- would highly recommend anyone who does a lot of sports or someone with complexed injury.

a year ago

I’ve been to Fix East Village for Acupuncture a few times over the past year for back or neck&shoulder pain.

The Acupuncturist, Andy, has helped me each time & I have no reservations to recommend him to others!