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Beacon Clinic Complaint Resolution Procedure


Practitioners and staff of this clinic want to provide you with a good service. However, sometimes things may go wrong and you may want to tell us about your concerns or suggest improvements or perhaps you might want to complain about an aspect of your care.

Informal Addressing of concerns.

If you feel that you wish to raise a matter of concern without making a formal complaint please ask to speak to either of the medical directors or write to us explaining your observations, feelings, needs and request(s). Your compliments, suggestions and or complaints will help us provide you and others with a better service. Since we wish to learn and improve from your experiences, hopefully your concerns will be addressed to your satisfaction.

Formal Complaint Procedure.

If you wish to make a formal complaint about the care you have received from the doctors or practitioners or any of the staff working at the Beacon Clinic, please let either of the medical directors know.

We operate an 'in-house' practice complaints procedure (which is similar with guidelines of good practice) and in line with many of the main regulating bodies for dealing with complaints; General Medical Council (GMC), British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

Our complaints procedure system meets national criteria. The complaints officers are both the Medical Directors here – Drs Martin Allbright and Sue Allbright. We can be reached through the practice contact details during opening hours.

Please be assured that all your comments and complaints will be handled with complete discretion and that confidentiality will be maintained at all times. All information regarding your complaint will be handled in compliance with the Data Protection Act  If you are unable to make your complaint yourself, anyone acting on your behalf would need to have your written authority. Where a client is unable to give written consent, we will need evidence that you are their next of kin, or have their agreement, before we proceed. You and your family will not be penalised, nor will your healthcare be adversely affected by making a complaint.

a) Submitting a complaint.

If you do decide to make a formal complaint, then your letter should be addressed to the Medical Director of either Dr Martin Allbright or Dr Sue Allbright.

We will then:

Acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days (provided that both directors are not away on leave).

Investigate your complaint.

Offer to meet with you to discuss the matter in more detail, if this is appropriate.

Offer a full, written explanation within 20 working days. If for any reason we are unable to obtain all the necessary information within that time scale we will keep you informed of the reasons for the delay.

The aim of our Complaints Procedure is to resolve problems locally whenever possible. To guide us in this process we use a structure very similar to that created by Marshal B. Rosenberg called 'Non Violent Communication' (NVC). This is based on making observations, feelings, needs and requests.

An independent 'Lay Conciliator' can be provided to help facilitate a meeting between yourself and the relevant people at the Beacon Clinic. If you feel you need to go down this path you may also wish to bring a friend or relative with you to the meeting.

b) Time Limits.

It is important that you make your complaint as soon as possible after the problem arises.

We follow the same time limits as the NHS guidelines, in that we will only investigate complaints that are either:

Made within 6 months of the event; or

Made within 6 months of you realising that you have something to complain about, as long as that is not more than 12 months after the event itself.  

c) Outcome.

We would hope that a complaint would be addressed by the above procedure to your satisfaction. If however you are still not satisfied with regard to the service you have received at the Beacon Clinic, then the complaint can be taken to the individual governing body of the practitioner concerned as a second tier of resolution.

Confidentiality - Privacy

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