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Saturday 24th March 2012 Fund Raising event day for ‘Arthritis Care’.

Alison Moon organised this fund raising day on the theme of bring your ‘Aches’ and ‘Pains’ to the Beacon Clinic Pain Day. She was assisted by Sue Akehurst, Nicky Shechter, Dean Henman, Sophie Jones, and Emily Jeffs, in giving advice and taster sessions for a minimum donation. Around 60 treatments were carried out during the day and towards the end people were wanting to have appointments but we were fully booked.

We raised a total of £216.00

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Acupuncture Awareness week from 27 February 2012 to 4 March 2012.

This was the first time an awareness week had ever been organised on acupuncture. Amongst the many things that were going on we were able to display a stand informing the public about acupuncture at the Malvern Tourist Information Centre.

The first open meeting of the Three Counties Arthritis 12th October 2011.

This first event was organised by Mr Nadim Aslam Orthopaedic Consultant, whose aim is to educate the public about what can be offered to help people with arthritis. To help inform the public about the expectations of what certain different types of surgery have to offer in hip and knee conditions. It was great to be able to support the event and raise money for ‘Arthritis Care’.and to have Pip helping us out and meeting with so many people.

Below. Photograph of the Beacon Clinic stand at the event, informing the professionals and the public about acupuncture, nutrition and physical therapies.

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Friday 14th September. Its not all work! Clinic practitioners and partners Social evening at Thai Rama

Sunday 27th May. It is important to exercise and go out into nature. Clinic practitioners and families walk on the hills.

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