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9th March 2013. Skills for Supporting Practitioners a day led by Sally Blades, (Acupuncturist, Mentor - Supervisor and Coach) where we used and reflected on the ‘wheel of work’, ‘support systems’ and the ‘drama triangle’ amongst others techniques. A positive and nourishing workshop. Thank you, Sally.

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1st February 2013, is the start of our tenth anniversary of opening our doors to clients.

We hope to invite you certain special days / events this year watch this space.

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Malvern Holistic Health Care Day at Dyson Perrins school Saturday 14th September 2013. This was a very successful day for the whole of Malvern community to learn about complementary medicine. We had a stand and it was great that Geoff, Nicky, Max, Sophie, Pip, Violaine, Sue and I were able to meet and listen to so many people who came.

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Presentation of cheque to Maureen Williams and Carol Pike from the Friends of Malvern Hospital

Saturday 6th July, Fund raising day.

‘Ease the Pain Appeal’ to help raise money towards the £60,000 Malvern Image Intensifier Scanner.

We have collected £1042

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For a copy of the thank you letter click here or on the image of the letter