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Integrating Health Care

Integrating with the HEALTH CARE COMMUNITY

We are keen to work alongside orthodox medicine so that patients with complex difficulties can benefit from the cumulative effect of our combined treatment. We continually endeavour to make appropriate bridges between complementary / alternative medicine and orthodox practitioners.


Whilst we work ultimately as independent practitioners we place a strong emphasis on understanding each other's skills and how these can best help patients. We achieve this by:-

Integrating PATIENTS in mind, body and emotions

We devote our skills and time to assessing a person's needs and to helping them towards optimum health. We emphasise education in life-style changes to aid in recovery and to help people assume responsibility for maintaining their own health. If a patient is having more complex difficulties it may be appropriate to involve a multi-disciplinary approach within the clinic.

Sometimes a condition has gone beyond the reach of any natural healing recovery and then we give clear expectations of what treatment can and cannot do. In such situations we are still able to provide supportive help.

Dr Shaun Pyke - General Practitioner,  giving a short talk on his experience of referring clients for complementary medicine

The realisation of a supportive working environment is both the aim and the outcome of our continuing integration as a team.

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