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Thank you for showing an interest in the Beacon Clinic.

We are a friendly relaxed and happy team of practitioners and we welcome any enquiries.

Below is a certain amount of information about us and they way we operate. If after reading it, you still feel you would like to discuss the possibility of joining the team then feel free to make contact with either Dr Martin or Dr Sue Allbright.

This consists of:-

Beacon Clinic Website: Inclusion of the practitioners treatment and professional biography on www.beaconclinic.net

Beacon Clinic Patient Brochure: inclusion of the practitioners name and treatment in the clinics patient brochure available in reception and various networks outside the clinic.

Outside Display Information: There are two A2 sized external display cabinets, one outside the clinic and the other outside Murray's Chemist, Church Street, Malvern. These displays are changed regularly to inform the public of specific treatments at the Beacon Clinic. The practitioner and their treatments will be included in the rotation of displays.

Portable Indoor display board: Assistance is provided in designing and the then printing of A2 size colour posters, promoting practitioner and treatment for use when practitioners do outside talks to the public.

Promotional ideas: Assistance is given in the design and display of literature.

Beacon Clinic logo: Use of the Beacon Clinic logo (four versions from full colour to black/white) on your business stationary.

Reception display: Personal flyers, leaflets and business cards can be displayed in the reception.

Beacon Meeting Room: Practitioners can book the room when they wish to give a talk to the public informing them what the therapy-treatment they can provide offers. This usage of this facility is free provided the public is not charged.

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For details on our Consulting - Treatment rooms and the Meeting Room, please go to ‘Clinic Facilities’.

We at the Beacon Clinic value practitioners who are dedicated, highly motivated and skilled in their area of expertise and have a keenness to work with like-minded practitioners.

We consider practitioners who can show evidence of thorough training, experience and who can dovetail with the team.

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Practitioners work as independent therapists. Each practitioner is responsible for the building of their own practice through the development of their own reputation as an expert therapist in their own right. Practitioners contribute to and become part of the team at the clinic, including attending joint practitioner education meetings. Practitioners are keen to work collaboratively with each other when this is in the best interests and with the agreement of the client.

Room agreement

There are two methods of booking room usage. One is an 'adhoc, booking rate and the second is a pre-booked sessional rate. We have chosen to provide an 'adhoc' booking arrangement when a practitioner commences at the clinic. The directors consider the provision of an 'adhoc' booking service a privilege to help practitioners get started. At any time a practitioner wants to they can switch to prebooked day or evening sessions.

Times of weekday sessions.

Morning session 9.00 am - 1.00 pm (4 hours)
Afternoon session 1.45 pm - 5.45 pm (4 hours)
Evening session 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm (3 hours)

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Although it is the responsibility of the practitioners to generate their own clientele, on joining the Beacon Clinic, all practitioners are given the following assistance in their marketing efforts.

There is a joining fee on commencing work at the clinic. This covers the cost of making the changes involved to the patient brochure, the presentation folder, the website and the clinic displays indoors and outdoors. After a successful probationary period of nine months this fee also covers the cost of having your own professional brass plate engraved to go outside the front of the clinic.

If you like what you have found out about us, and you have an expertise you would like to share in such an environment, we look forward to hearing from you.

Professional and warm.
Complimentary and complementary. A safe and sound place to work from. A community of curiosity and laughter. Supportive and strong. Well balanced community . Unique working experience. Professionally developing model. A good place to practice.

Phillip A. J. Hodgson, counsellor and psychotherapist at the Beacon Clinic from 2005-2010

Confidentiality - Privacy

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Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided in this site is accurate. It is not the intention to mislead or misinform anyone.

After an initial chat on the telephone we arrange an informal meeting, often over lunch, and show you around the facilities.

If you then want to apply to join we ask if you would be willing to provide us with a cv, evidence of your qualifications and insurance, two references (and where possible a collection of client testimonials).

An interview process then follows involving other practitioners with similar interest areas, carried out in a friendly manner. The directors involve the practitioner team in the process since we all value the sense of community and mutual trust that exists here.

Following the interview we endeavour to let you know our joint decision within 24 hours.