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Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided in this site is accurate. It is not the intention to mislead or misinform anyone.

We had been at the Beacon Clinic for nine years and then by chance we discovered a piece of information on the Malvern Quaker website which states.

‘In 1856, Friends (Quakers) in Malvern rented a large room over the stables in Portland Road for their Meetings for Worship but, just before the Second World War, they built their own Meeting House in Orchard Road and it was opened for worship in 1938.’

This building was owned by the Woodyatt family and was used as stables and for the storage of horse drawn vehicles. It may have been the very building where the Quakers met. Both Sue and Martin are occasional attenders at the local meeting and were quite taken a back when we heard this bit of history.

Although the clinic is not a Quaker organisation, we have always respected the Quaker values of integrity, equality, tolerance and simplicity, honesty and fairness.

We aim for these values to be at the heart of the way we run the clinic and the way that practitioners share in working in the clinic and also in our care of clients.

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Advert from 1884 Malvern News, copy available at Malvern Library