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It is a chance to look at our own needs as a practitioner. It can be provided in a group setting or on a one to one arrangement. Either way, the setting is important, it is a safe, nurturing, confidential environment.

 It is a time when we as practitioners take time out to consider our interaction with our patients and therefore can monitor our energy appropriately.

 It is a chance to also consider practice problems and practicalities and learn from each other.

 It is an opportunity to look at those re-occurring difficult situations and when we change those situations around how we develop our self-esteem and confidence.

 Sharing our difficulties and success's is empowering and energising.

When we start to see our professional needs being met we begin to see how such an enjoyable and valuable aspect this process is.

'Inside everyone of us is a garden and each practitioner has to go back to it and take care of it.'

Thich Nhat Hanh

'If all our attention is directed firmly towards our practice, then we can accumulate a back log of unmet needs and work-related issues. If these are left undealt with they undermine our sense of ourselves as competent practitioners. As practitioners we offer our patients guidance, support and encouragement - it seems a good idea to offer it to ourselves.'

Isobel Cosgrove.


Roles, contracts and boundary issues

Tangled relationships

Professional and personal issues

Communication skills

Money issues

Emotional responses to patients (eg 'difficult' patients) including the death of a patient


Time management

Burn out


Building up a practice

Relationships with other practitioners and professionals


The groups are of limited size and meet approximately monthly for two and half to three hours.

Individual Sessions are for one hour at regular intervals by mutual agreement.

For more information please contact Dr Martin Allbright 01684-893393

If you want to take your self and your practice seriously as a person who cares for others, it is important to build a system of support for yourself. When we feel supported and enthusiastic, our practices will thrive and as a practitioner we reconnect with excitement.

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