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We aim to provide a high quality professional peaceful atmosphere so when a person, whether it be a client or a practitioner, steps into the Beacon Clinic they feel calmer. By doing so we aim to improve the following:-

Our aim for the 'Professional Development of Practitioners'

We want an environment where practitioners:-

Our aim for 'Teaching the Wisdom and Knowledge' of what we practice

Only so much can be learnt from text books, much of what is practiced at the clinic is experiential.

We aim to encourage practitioners to share and pass on their knowledge and their experience they acquire from what they witness and practice.

We aim to be a centre where we teach post graduate classical acupuncture. This involves teaching all of aspects about facilitating health improvements to the mind, body and spirit of a person.

Our aims.

We know that as soon as a person walks through the front door of a building, the surroundings and ambience has an effect on them.

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