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II first became interested in Homoeopathy after the successful treatment of my eldest child’s eczema aged 18 months. The treatment was successful where conventional medicine had failed. The treatment with no side effects spurred me on to study how and why Homoeopathy worked. I became a registered and active member of the Society of Homoeopaths in 2013, working in accordance with their Code of Ethics and Practice after graduating from the Welsh School of Homoeopathy. I frequently attend additional training and update courses, keeping up to date with the latest developments.

As a mother I passionately believe in the right for parents to make an informed decision about their children’s health; Homoeopathic medicines are non toxic and can be safely used throughout pregnancy and birth, with babies and children.

I believe in making my practice accessible and professional; I view health and illness in a holistic manner; in working with the whole person I regard the mental and emotional as well as the physical aspects. Treatment also involves increasing the general well being of the patient and their constitutional strength. I encourage communication with doctors and other health professionals.

Originally from Switzerland, I moved to the UK in 1998 and live with my husband and our three beautiful children in Malvern, Worcestershire. Passionate about healing the body and mind through the mind and body connection I have developed a particular interest in the Well Woman – dealing with the menstrual cycle, child birth, menopausal symptoms, and other women’s symptoms.

Homoeopathy can help women to cope with irregular cycles, hot flushes and other distressing symptoms associated with the cycle and the menopause – an audit of an NHS Well Woman Clinic in Sheffield found 81% of 102 patients reported improvement in their experience of the menopause after seeing a homoeopath.

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Initial consultation £65

follow up £50

Detox: £75

children are £50

Telephone and support during acute illnesses £5-£25

Repeat remedies £5

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