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What is Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing (or ZeeBee as it is abbreviated), is a gentle and effective form of bodywork for balancing and integrating the body's energy with its skeletal structure.

What are the benefits of Zero balancing?

Zero Balancing improves posture by providing a point of stillness around which your body can relax, giving you the opportunity to let go of unease and pain and experience a new level of integration.

Zero Balancing promotes a deep sense of harmony and as a result your body’s’ own natural healing processes are encouraged. It is beneficial for a wide range of people and has extensive application in health care and personal development, stress reduction, pain relief and improving flexibility and posture.

Reparative Touch: Zero Balancing is especially helpful for people who are uncomfortable with other forms of bodywork as the client remains fully clothed and the touch in Zero Balancing is attentive without being forced or insistent.

Well-being and personal development: Zero Balancing generates an active and conscious state of well-being. It can facilitate the release of outdated mental habits and patterns of emotional responses. There are very few conditions for which Zero Balancing isn't suitable and each session is tailored to the specific needs of the client. However, Zero Balancing is not for the acutely ill person. If in doubt, consult a certified Zero Balancing practitioner for their advice.

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‘Sometimes people feel they are balanced physically and yet the actual body is tense and strained.’

What clients say about their experience of ZB

“My ZB with Sue was wonderful! Beforehand I felt like I had been screwed up into a little ball, but throughout the session I felt layer after layer of tension lift off me. By the end of the session my whole body felt open, light, soft and relaxed - it felt back to the shape it is meant to be.'

JC, Malvern.

Zero Balancing is amazing! I felt the tension lift out of me.’

Lynda, Malvern

“Wonderful, it gives the body permission to relax!’

Amanda Duncan, Malvern

'I felt really supported by Sue's ZB and counselling which helped me go through some very difficult processes. I now feel much more confident and less controlled by my past.'

M, Gloucester

Fees: Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing Practitioner: Sue Akehurst


To be carefully and sensitively re-balanced.’

It focuses on a particular group of joints that are involved with the smooth transmission of forces through the weight bearing skeleton, which in effect act as shock absorbers.

Sessions are usually booked for 55 minutes, which includes listening to how the client is feeling and what their needs are. There will be approximately 30 - 40 minutes of bodywork, where the client lies on a padded table, and then some time to bring the session to a close before the client leaves. The work is carried out with the client fully clothed, only needing to remove shoes and belt.

When beginning ZB, three sessions are recommended since the effects are cumulative. Many clients then come for maintenance sessions and the frequency will vary according to their needs. Many clients come simply because they enjoy having a Zero Balancing session.

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What are the benefits? What is a session like? What do people say about it? Fees Practitioner: Zero Balancing

Daily Telegraph, 19th October 2009

'My session was heavenly. I found myself in an almost meditative state and came off the couch feeling different – lighter, easier in my body and preternaturally calm in my mind.'

Jane Alexander

What is a Zero Balancing session like?

Zero Balancing is a gentle but powerful way of balancing your body’s energy  with your body’s structure. Lying on a couch on your back and fully clothed, finger pressure and stretches are used to release tension accumulated in the deep structures of your body.

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